Welcome to Universal Choice, the solution for your business needs. 

As a business owner, we know that taking care of cumbersome paperwork and other administrative tasks can take time away from doing the work you actually love. Whether it’s spending time with customers and building relationships, we know that you began your business because you’re passionate about what you do. 

Let us help you! As your personal virtual assistant, Universal Choice can let you shift your focus to what’s important to you, while we handle all the administrative, back office tasks that are necessary to run a successful business. 

Who Needs Universal Choice?

—Are you a business owner feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you handle everything yourself?
Does there seem to be too few hours in a day to properly run your business because mundane tasks and details are weighing you down?
Is your office too small or lacking in equipment to hire an on-site assistant?
Are you looking for a reliable, multi-talented partner who can help you with everything from mailing newsletters to handling payroll?

If this sounds like you, give Universal Choice a call and learn more about how we can help!

"A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.*

*Starks, Misty (July/August 2006). Helping Entrepreneurs, Virtually PDF (2643.3 KiB)D-MARS. Retrieved on 2008-07-27.

Kristie’s ultimate goal is to provide business owners with quality administrative support, taking care of tasks that are necessary so that they have more time to do the work that they actually enjoy.
— Maria Kanai

Services Include...

  • Payroll & Billing
  • Human Resources & Hiring Services
  • Marketing Research
  • Office Supplies
  •  Phone Calls & Correspondence
  • Business Consulting and Research
  •  Meetings & Appointments
  • Event Coordination
  • Mailing and Deliveries
  • Contract Writing
  •  And much more!